What Is Vitamin B-17?

We live in a world where vitamin supplements, nutritional supplements, and health food is so abundantly available that it’s hard to keep track of it all. So how do you determine which supplements are right for you, and which ones are unnecessary? At Primo Health Technologies, the United States’ leading distributor of wholesale priced and domestically sourced vitamin B17, we suggest doing a little research.

Unfortunately, vitamin B17 is one of many supplements out there and it’s not as well known as many that you might typically find in your local Sprouts or Wholefoods grocery stores, so we decided to focus today’s blog on helping you learn a little bit more about this naturally occurring wonder supplement that so many people are starting to demand.

If you’re already in the know about organic B17 and are looking to purchase some, please visit our online store. Otherwise, read on and learn all about the amazing B17 supplement offered by Primo Health Technologies.

It’s Naturally Occurring

The B17 supplement is an organic, naturally occurring substance found in many fruits, nuts, and other households foods, including cranberries, raw bitter almonds, bamboo, and fava beans. Visit our website for a more comprehensive list of foods known to contain vitamin B17. It is generally believed that B17 was slowly, but surely, eliminated from modern man’s diet due to the bitter taste of most of the foods it can be found in. People have instead leaned towards saltier, sweeter, and more savory flavors when determining where to invest their energy, time, and economic resources. Just like that, a supplement we used to get naturally is now lacking in our diets. Primo Health Technologies was founded on the idea that people should have an affordable option to re-introduce this organic supplement back into their lives at an affordable cost.

It’s Sourced From Apricot Kernels

Although B17 can be sourced from lots of places. Some producers may use other stone fruits for getting theirs, but Primo Health Technologies’ extensive research has found the best place to source our B17 supplements from is the kernels of apricots. The high concentration and purity of the B17 in apricot kernels allows us to provide our customers with a product we are proud of. We use no artificial coloring and no gelatin when producing our B17 capsules. After all, you’re looking for healthy living, not a bunch of unnecessary additives.

It’s Growing In Popularity

Although a relatively obscure product until recently, B17 pills are now growing in popularity. When you start to consider why, it’s not hard to understand. First, people who learn that this once common part of the human diet has been lost are eager to see what they are missing out on. Second, the internet allows individuals to research and decide for themselves when it comes to their consumption, both dietary and economic. More and more people are discovering for themselves that there a lot of resources available that outline the potential benefits of a B17 supplement to your normal diet. Combine this with the recent spike in people who have an interest in nutritional genomics, a subset of the biohacking subculture, and it’s easy to see where the increase in demand stems from. Finally, consider that many people are inspired by research about B17 that might suggest it could have beneficial applications as an alternative to traditional cancer treatments that have failed. B17 helps people feel like they can take charge of their own health. More importantly, it has given hope some who have already exhausted their options and resources searching for an answer to their health challenges. Can you think of another health supplement that can claim that kind of impact?

Get Your B17 Supplements From Primo Health Technologies

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